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What timelines to expect for your NQF4 assessment

This helpdesk article provides an overview of the timelines expected when we assess an NQF4 portfolio.

Expected Timelines

As soon as your portfolio gets delivered to our offices, we capture it in our database, scan it, and upload it. From then, the following timelines apply.

1. Portfolio assessment & feedbackWithin 30 days after upload
2. Reassessment (if remediation required)Within 30 days after we receive remediation
3. Knowledge Quest Internal moderationUsually within 30 days after found competent
4. External moderationUsually up to 90 days after internal moderation, can be up to 18 months
5. Issuing LA numbersWithin 1 day after external moderation
6. Sending LA letters*Within 7 days after LA numbers are issued
7. Issuing certificatesAs early as 30 days after LA letters or as long as a year

*In certain cases, the LA letters are sent to training partners, who then forward them to the learners. This may impact the time it takes for you to receive the letter.


There are many factors influencing the date of obtaining EM and LA Letters.

Learner responsiveness to feedback/signature requests
Correctness and certification of submitted documents
Learner communication method (online link is the quickest)
Timeliness and sufficiency of remediation
Operational issues at Services Seta (e.g., during Covid pandemic)

Important Notes

Compliance Realtor is an independent Service Provider in the Property Practitioner Industry.
We employ qualified and registered trainers, assessors, and moderators.
We have service level agreements with SSETA accredited training service providers and other role players.
If a learner received their training through one of our training partners, Compliance Realtor's client is the training partner, not the individual learner.
The only direct communication between Compliance Realtor and the learner is during the assessment and feedback process.
If a learner received their training through one of our training partners, LA letters and certificates should be obtained from the training partners, not Compliance Realtor.
Compliance Realtor is not at liberty to divulge LA numbers and certificates to learners who were contracted externally, directly.

Disclaimer: The timelines provided in this article are subject to change based on various factors that may influence the assessment process. Always check with Compliance Realtor or your training service provider for the most up-to-date information.

Updated on: 25/03/2023

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