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The NQF4 assessment process

Congratulations on being found Competent by Compliance Realtor! By now, you should have signed the necessary documents online and completed and uploaded the questionnaire.

As a learner, you've done your part for now, and so have we, the assessors. But there are a few more steps before you can upgrade your status at the PPRA. Here's a simplified overview of the assessment process:

1. Learners attend training, either in person or via online videos.
2. Learners receive a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and additional study material.
3. Learners complete the relevant sections in their POE.
4. Learners submit their POE for assessment.
5. Assessors provide feedback to the learner.
6. Learners may need to submit remediation work or additional admin documentation.
7. Final feedback, competency letter, and instructions to sign documents and submit a questionnaire are provided.

If you've received your final feedback from us, you are currently here in the process

After completing these steps, you'll still need to go through the following stages:

1. Your file undergoes internal moderation by Knowledge Quest, the accredited service provider.
2. If successful, Knowledge Quest uploads your results to the Services Seta Learning Management System (LMS).
3. Services Seta schedules an external moderation visit to Knowledge Quest.
4. If the external moderation is successful, a Learner Achievement (LA) number is issued, and an LA Letter is provided.
5. At Compliance Realtor, we work closely with Knowledge Quest to ensure that all files meet the required assessment and moderation standards. We appreciate your efforts in submitting a neat and complete POE, which helps the process run smoothly and quickly.

Please note that once your file is sent for external moderation, it's out of our control. We have to wait for a scheduled moderation date, which can take a few months. After external moderation, the LA letters will be issued, but the actual certificates may take up to 6 months to arrive.

The Competency Letter you received indicates that our job as assessors is complete, but it is not sufficient for updating your qualification status at the PPRA. You'll need to wait for the successful completion of external moderation and the issuance of the LA Letter before you can proceed with the PPRA update.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and our team will be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 25/03/2023

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