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How to pay your invoices via MoreTyme

Get started with MoreTyme

For non TymeBank customers

Download the TymeBank app

Then use the app to open a verified TymeBank account in less than 5 min. It’s free!

Activate MoreTyme in the app

Log in to your TymeBank app, tap the MoreTyme card and tap the Activate or Apply button. It’s also free!

Top up your account or link a bank card

You only need half (50%) of the purchase amount to take the goods home. This 50% can come from adding money to your EveryDay account, from linking one of your other debit/credit cards, or a combination of both.

Pay with MoreTyme

Go to the MoreTyme section of your TymeBank app, tap "Pay" and follow the instructions. The 1st payment will come off immediately, and the goods are yours to take home!

For existing TymeBank customers

Log in to your TymeBank app

Don’t have the app yet? You can download it now for free on Android, iOS and Hauwei

Open MoreTyme from your app

If you haven't activated it yet, it only takes a few seconds with a verified account. You just need to tap the MoreTyme card and then tap the “Activate” or “Apply” button.

Check that you’ve got enough

You only need half of the total purchase amount (enough to cover the first MoreTyme payment). That could come from your EveryDay account, a linked debit/credit card or a combination of both.

Pay with MoreTyme

Tap the pay button from the MoreTyme section of your TymeBank app and choose the payment method that matches your checkout/till experience.

Pay your invoice

Once you have an active MoreTyme account with TymeBank, you can pay your invoices in three installments using the MoreTyme payment option when checking out via PayFast.

Checkout via MoreTyme

Click the PayFast checkout link in your invoice email, or click here to log in and select an invoice to pay.

Optionally, login to your account if you are not already logged in.

Make sure your payment method is set to PayFast.

Click the Pay Now button at the top right corner of the invoice, this will take you to PayFast checkout.

On the PayFast checkout page, select MoreTyme as your payment method.

Visit the MoreTyme section in your TymeBank app.

Scan the QR code on the PayFast checkout page using the QR code scanner found on the TymeBank app.

Follow the on screen steps to complete payment.

Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your invoice payment.

What will my instalment be?

Here's an example instalment calculation for R3 000

Payment #1Payment #2Payment #3
Payment splitR1500*R750*R750*
Purchase amount %50%25%25%
When is it deducted?Upfront when you buy30 days after purchase60 days after purchase

*The minimum amount that you need in your account.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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