How to download FETC NQF4 RPL Study Material

When you purchase our NQF4 RPL course, you will be provided with study materials. Please follow this guide should you have difficulties downloading the study materials.

Step 1
Click on the link you received in the email.

Step 2
After opening the link it will open a window, on the open page will be a list of files in OneDrive that should look like the picture below.

File List

Step 3
To select all the study material, click the circle check box on the side of the name tag.

Check Box Location

Selecting All Study Material

Step 4
After selecting all the files, click the download button in the top left corner, as shown in the picture below.

Download Files Button

Step 5
When the download is complete, the files will be in a ZIP folder. Open the ZIP file, select all the downloaded study materials, and click extract all.

Downloaded ZIP File

Extracting The Files

Step 6
After clicking on extract all there will be a pop up window to choose where to save your study material as shown below.

Saving The Files

Step 7
Choose a safe place to save your study material.
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